Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cherries Jubilee, Worry and Kissing Girls

Dear Auntie,

I’m going to have friends over on Wednesday for dinner. I’m not sure what to serve yet.

Would you be kind to give me some ideas? I would love to try something new.


Dear Angel,

To impress guests, the thrill of a harrowing near death experience will get ‘em every time. Don’t worry. It’s only a teeny-tiny blazing inferno.

You do know I’m referring to Cherries Jubilee, don’t you? The threat of certain death is part of the appeal of this classic dessert.

You don’t believe me? Oh, come on. Who hasn’t worried about the nice pastry chef catching afire on a leisurely Sunday brunch? (OK. His ex-wife may not have worried too much, but that’s a little TMI.)

You too, can bring this thrill to your dinner table. A chafing dish or hot plate at the ready and you’re good to go.

But don’t worry. The flames are only for show. You control the flames. They do not control you. Think of it as a magic show.

As the flames soar upward, your guests will ponder in silent terror:

“I never wrote my will!”
“I never finished my novel!”
“I never kissed a real girl!”

After that climax and denouement, it wouldn’t matter what you served earlier. The thrill of living to see another day would dim any thought of earlier courses. Heck, you could have slapped down Frito pie and they would think you’re a star.

Very Cherries Jubilee

This recipe calls for four – count ‘em FOUR – different cherry-centric ingredients! How nummers is that?

2 tablespoons butter
½ cup light brown sugar
½ cup cherry juice

1 pound frozen cherries
½ cup dried cherries

¼ cup cherry brandy
2 tablespoons almond liquor

In a large skillet set on medium heat, melt butter. Add sugar and stir to combine. Add juice. Raise heat to high and stir until sugar is dissolved. Reduce heat to medium. Add cherries. Simmer three minutes, then raise to high heat. (Heating frozen cherries too quickly will cause them to release too much liquid.)

Bring to boil. Push cherries to one side. Pour brandy into pan in side opposite cherries. Heat brandy and ignite. (Use a long match.) Let flames die down but do not stir. After flame dies down remove from heat and add almond liquor.

Serve over ice cream or pound cake.


  1. I think I'm going to make that, and document my near death experience with flames!!!

  2. I have a friend that ignites her Cherries Jubilee with a bar-b-que lighter! Poof! It works for her!
    Sunny :)