Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wine, Abraham and Sin

My friend, Julia, has been asking me for wine suggestions.  This one's for you, girl.

Here's a few wines I've tried recently and really like. They are all very reasonably priced.

Hubert Veneau Pouilly Fume (nice complex flavor)
Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc (love those New Zealand whites!)
Peter Brum Bacchus Rheinhessen (sweeter, but flavorful)
Las Rochas Garnacha (yummy red, complex, Parker 90)

But my new found love is Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc! Refreshingly bright with a distinctive grapefruit taste.  It has a Robert Parker rating of 90; not too shabby for a wine under $20.

I discovered this gem while dining at Salum, the restaurant owned by my friend, Abraham Salum.  His food is so sexy,  you'll probably commit at least three mortal sins every time you go there.  Book a table for tonight and a priest for tomorrow. I'm just sayin'.

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