Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Santa's Drug of Choice

Ah! The power of Christmas cookies!  Who can resist them?  Not even Santa.

Unfortunately, I cannot bake cookies this year as my oven is not working. Boo hoo!  So, dear friends, I must resort to other Christmas goodies. "What's that?" you query. Chocolate! That's what!  I cannot muck about writing on this blog.  I must needs scurry to the grocer to buy all manner of chocolate. You see, next week is (insert drum roll here) CHOCOLATE WEEK!! Oh yeah. It's chocolate time, babe! I have to come up with several recipes for next week. Sigh. Poor, pitiful me. I guess I'll have to eat all that yummy chocolate all by myself. (If anyone even THINKS about suggesting I invite others over for all that chocolate, just know you're messing up my mojo.)

So, get out your bain maries and get ready for CHOCOLATE WEEK!!!

This cute animation contains four very famous classical works. Can you name them? Answers will be given during CHOCOLATE WEEK!!

Bonus music trivia questions: What note does Santa step on? In what key is Silent Night? Answers will be given during CHOCOLATE WEEK!!

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