Friday, November 13, 2009

Special Auntie Messages

For when you’re feeling sad, lonely, discouraged, confused or anytime you need a little Auntie love.

Sure you can borrow my car. Do you need some money?

Wear that sweater your mom gave you just until we turn the corner. Then, you can take it off.

You have far too much talent to let it go to waste.

Sure, I believe in you!

Buy low. Sell high.

A farmer won’t buy the cow if he can get the milk for free.

That outfit is so cute!

Of course you’ll find someone to love you – IF – you become the person you seek to attract and – IF – you project that image.

I made some brownies, just for you.

Don’t you dare tell your parents I let you do that.

Here’s some money.

Show me how you decorated your room.

Yeah. Your dad was like that in high school, too.

And a special message to my niece, Alexandra:

I love you because you’re my niece.
I like you because you’re my friend.
I miss you because you’re my joy.

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