Thursday, November 12, 2009

Can you fry chocolate chip cookies?

No. However, it didn’t stop me from trying.

My curiosity gets the best of me sometimes. A crazy idea pops into my head. Curiosity, like a little fiend on my shoulder, whispers “Don’t you wonder what will happen if you do that?”

This is my blog of thrill seeking – cooking without an oven. I’m curious to see where this adventure will lead; what questions will arise. How else can one cook? Can we live without modern conveniences, or are we chained to them? If we deprive ourselves of them, what lessons will we learn? What will we learn about ourselves?

Can we fry chocolate chip cookies?

On one hand, the answer seems too imponderable. On the other hand, why not? They will either turn to burnt, molten mush or become a new tradition. After all, that’s how chocolate chip cookies were developed. Ruth Graves Wakefield forgot to mix baking chocolate into her cookie batter. Spying some semi-sweet chocolate, she pondered “I wonder what would happen if I chop up the chocolate and stir it into the cookie dough?” She thought the chocolate would melt into the cookie dough, thereby saving the batch. It didn’t turn out the way she wanted. It turned out better. So much better, in fact, chocolate chip cookies are now America’s favorite cookies. (I could give you the recipe, but there’s none better than the original. Just follow the link.)

So, not having an oven, yet craving warm cookies, I wondered if they would cook up in an iron skillet. Save yourself the effort of experimenting. The cookies melt and burn before they get done.

I’ll bet you’re not used to seeing an ugly picture of ugly food on a culinary blog. Life is like that. It’s not always pretty. Life cannot be Photoshopped.

No, chocolate chip cookies cannot be fried, but there is a lesson in the experiment. It’s a lesson I hope my niece learns from my example. Don’t be afraid to try. Sometimes the things we think are the sweetest turn bitter and burnt. Learn from these experiences and try again. Sooner or later, something miraculous will occur.  This is the lesson I want to teach Alexandra.

Maybe this time, I’m the one who needs the lesson.


  1. Fried chocolate chips cookies ? Sally, keep practicing and you will make a killing at next year's State Fair ! Thank you for your offer of support. I am new at this but having a great time with it. I still need to learn the ropes. I am sorry I missed the Chaine evening at Milestone as I was out of town with the foie gras people. Let me know what you think of my writings and what if anything I can do for your group in hte blogosphere or otherwise.
    Best, Andre

  2. You have to batter it first, THEN you can fry it! ;D

  3. I have been wanting to try this out myself, thank you for helping me save the trouble, I am wondering tho if maybe you "stiffened" the dough up that it might cook easier?

    1. To tell you the truth, I tried this for a laugh. I seriously doubt there is anyway it will work, but if you find a way, please let us know!!

  4. What if you had the heat coming from both sides like with one of those sandwich makers... I'm gonna try it. I think the chocolate will melt too fast and make the out side burn, so maybe halve the dough add all the chocolate to one halve make small balls with a melon baller and roll it up with the non chocolate dough so none gets through